Yuksel Prefabricated Elements Co.Inc. has been established on 1997 in order to produce infrastructure products for constructions by achieving more efficient management and business expansion at two existing factories of Yuksel Construction Co.Inc. which is one of the biggest construction companies in Turkey

After turning existing Istanbul Tuzla and Gaziantep Factories over to Yuksel Prefabricated Elements Co.Inc. the company has been fixed to investments and end of year 1997 Antalya Factory started production with full capacity from September 1998 Ankara Sincan Factory has been put into service

Presently, Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep Factories produce Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Pipes for Sewerage purposes, Prestressed Concrete Pipes for Fresh Water, Prestressed Bridge Beams for Highways, Prefabricated Tunnel Segments, Concrete Railway sleepers, Concrete Flashings and Concrete Prefabricated Construction elements by conforming to desired standards existing manpower of the Company is 90 personnel